If it’s sweet, pass it on honey…

Whether it is a chocolate bar, a punt of ice cream or a cake drowned in frosting, I will devour every piece of it.

I’m the girl you see standing in her gown at the wedding by the chocolate table, the girl refilling her third dessert plate, the girl hopping from her favorite dessert cafeteria to the ice cream truck.

I am the girl who believes strongly that chocolate can fix almost anything and I’m the girl who through traveling has tasted some of this world’s most delectable desserts.

My first dessert tip is you can never eat too much chocolate! And where better than Godiva?


And on the days we can’t afford Godiva, we will always have Betty Crocker, Nutella, Hershey’s and frosting! As said in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days; Frost yourself (in vanilla icing of course)
Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 1.59.40 PM
If you are ever in Athens make sure to pass by Mr.Peacock, a delightful cafe with a stunning garden! In addition to, of course, these beautifully drowned in chocolate pancakes!

Chocolate pancakes, Mr.Peacock, Athens, Greece

This goes without saying of course but never forget to pass by La Durée if ever in Paris. La Durée’s famous macaroons come in luxuriously polished packages.

La Durée, Paris

Turkey is known for it’s Turkish delights but this Kunafeh Jebbn (a traditional dessert filled with cheese) is worth a try. You will find this at any of the local cafes in Istanbul!

Kunaffeh Jebn, Istanbul

And finally, don’t Krispy Kreme donuts always brighten our days?

Krispy Kreme

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