New York Strolls


This is where you can go back and be Audrey Hepburn and walk past Tiffany’s and recreate your own Breakfast at Tiffany’s as you walk down Fifth Avenue. If it is luxury that you want to surround yourself with then Manhattan, New York is the place for you. If you want to live the Hipster dream or be this generation’s Diane Argon, take your camera and head to Soho.

Getting off the subway at Broadway-Lafayette, probably for the fifth time this week, in a row… My appreciation for this area only grows. This is where you will find the tourists crossing the street into Victoria’s Secret, or a street down into the Apple store. This is where you will find the tall girls who you would mistaken for models, if there weren’t already by the side streets exploring the trendy New York stores as ACNE and Rag & Bone. This is where you will find the all the small buildings with stairs by the entrance and this where you will find the girl with her Starbucks coffee sitting on those stairs people watching as you go by and this is when you realize that this girl is me.

Soho, Manhattan

No plans, no meetings and nothing to do, I take myself out for a stroll in New York City. Being my fifth time here, I know where I want to take my solo strolls and even better, where my tummy would like to go. As I was never a breakfast person, I would grab a coffee and walk around for a few hours until its brunch time, I make my way to Delicatessen on Prince Street as I can feel the smell of truffles calling my name. As I get there, I know I do not want to miss out on ordering the truffle-parmigiano fries…Yes, truffle fries, good old French fries as we all know them drained in truffles. Need I say more? Being a total cheese over loader, I order their famous Mac ‘Shroom topped with mushrooms cooked in the oven to absolute perfection.

Not quite done with New York food, now lets think of dessert… Do I want carrot cake from Magnolia’s bakery? Nope, these jeans wont handle it. Frozen yoghurt it is then! Whether or not you’re a frozen yoghurt lover, I guarantee you Sixteen Handles is definitely worth a shot! A cup in hand and sixteen flavors in sight. I mix and match a few of my favorite flavors and head to the toppings. On occasions and when I’m not thinking of my popping jeans button, I stray from my usual granola and berries toppings and head to the chocolate toppings! Top this perfect cup with sprinkles and you’re ready to go!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.29.51 PM
Back on my feet, I stroll around as I window shop and people watch and out of everywhere I have been, New York wins the most entertaining prize when it comes to these two things! Everything you could think of in this city is diverse and this what makes New York the place for any and everyone.



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